Krishna Adriano

Hey there!

Let's get familiar

Krishna is a visual designer, with experience working with international startups and marketing agencies. Her background in human centered design, multimedia strategy, and project management inform her empathetic and compelling design approach.

Her friends call her Krish or Ishns, and she’s her mother’s favorite child.

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Academic Background

Working hard and learning smart is in her DNA: she attended De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, School of Design and Arts in Manila while incessantly working as a freelance designer.

And competitively debating.

And joining exhibits.

And participating in community services.

Girl, was she starting to get bald.

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Eureka moment

Anyway, in school—where she tried to apply for scholarship eight times, and got rejected eight times—she was introduced to human-centered design, where she designed her first app concept.

She has then become eager to build better digital experiences and stay in tune with the latest inclusive design trends through personal research and professional pursuits.

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Other hobbies include petting her dog that she adopted from her best friend, researching and writing, damaging her hair, and daydreaming about eventually attending MIT Media Lab.

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Job Success

Her determination landed her the first job at age 16 as illustrator for London-based Trades Supersite Ltd. There, she created product illustrations for their ecommerce site that improved site conversion and contributed to better user experience. Her most recent success is working with Singapore-based Aciid Pte Ltd., where her visually compelling assets maximised sales opportunities and site conversion.

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Non-artist related

In previous lives, she was a college dropout and academically-promising doctor supposed-to-be. Somewhere along the way when things went awry, she slowly transitioned to the arts for the promise of a fulfilling life minus the initial monetary investment. Little did she know..

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Krishna is currently working as a remote designer and is always looking forward to a creative challenge! You can reach her at, or at


Pronunciation: Krishna as in Chris + ssh + na. Adriano as in ad from advertisements, ri as in reese peanut butter cups, a as in the first a of amazing, and no as in nostalgic (not know).

Birthday: December 20!

That’s so close to Christmas! Do you receive only one gift for your birthday and christmas? No, I buy myself separate gifts every year.

Where can I see your resume? Such a great question. You may download it here.

What’s the best way to reach you? Email. I probably don’t answer calls/chats as often as people would like me to.

What kind of work are you looking for? What can I say, I'm an open-minded person. I love a creative challenge and dynamic work environments that create projects benefitting marginalized communities.