Krishna Adriano is a UI/UX designer and movie poster illustrator. For work or project inquiries, contact me at


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Krishna Mae is an extremely competent individual. Who delivered excellent, high quality illustrations to the company, with a fast turn around. She was able to converse in English without a problem. She took feedback well and adjusted her work accordingly. I would highly recommend this individual.

Oliver HaleDevelopment Manager, SSL247
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I've had the pleasure to work with Krishna across two different companies last 4 years. I would summarize her work with just one word, outstanding. Many of her qualities with us as an in-house graphic designer includes great creativity, innovative and having great understanding on the needs of both the clients and the management. Besides that, she is very easy to work with. I do not remember having any problems at all meeting any tight deadlines.

Yie Him Loh Special Project Manager, Rev Ads Solution
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Krishna is the most talented, ambitious, artistic, professional person I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Krishna has absolutely outstanding work ethic and never let me down ever on any deadline or production requirements in the 18 months I worked with her. I have had over 10 years in the publishing industry and worked with many graphic illustrators/ website designers, Krishna is by far superior in every way to any other I've worked with.

Deborah McgranaghanCompany Director, SD Ltd.
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Krishna knows her craft very well, her communication and design skills are incomparable. Projects are delivered on time and task are well done executed. You'll never had a hard time working with her.

Jhelaine De LeonMagento Front End Developer, acidgreen
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Krishna is fantastic to work with. She's great at communicating, 100% reliable and more importantly, owns the project. I'd recommend her any day of the week!

Panisa Kuehm Founder, Flamingo SEO
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Krishna's talent in designing is one of the best I've seen during our time as students. Aside from being creative and knowing how to think out of the box, she is competent, self-motivated, and dedicated to finishing her tasks up to her high standards. Working with her was a breeze because of her character and skills.

Mara Estalilla Web Developer, The Benildean Yearbook (Ad Astra)